Week 1 - Fascia and Connective tissue

Week 2- Flexibility and Mobility

Week 3 - Power and Strength


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21 Day Fitness Challenge:

Commitment + Consistency = Change & Success!!!

 1. Choose your fitness goal:  Choose a realistic goal that you know you will achieve success and be able to integrate that goal/behavior into your life.

2. Be Motivated: Self-motivation comes from the inside out.  Learning the science and benefits of movement and experiencing a variety of objectives will help you to stick to your goal and achieve progress, motivation and success.  When you feel unmotivated reread the benefits and encourage yourself to complete your commitment.  And, you will achieve success in integrating your fitness goal into your life. You will want to do it willingly rather than do I have to do it?

3. Focus on achieving your goal with body awareness to achieve success. Focusing on your body and being in your body is essential for you to move correctly to get the results you want!  Body Awareness links the body and mind more awareness gives  you better movement which produces greater results!