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Thank you for visiting my website. I help women just like to to transform in body mind and spirit with dance and stretching private and group classes, consulting, and Goddess Gatherings of Tampa Bay a group for women only to discover and connect with their deeper womaness.  I will be happy to answer your questions. 

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Celebrate the Dance of the Goddess:

Let the Goddess in You have You and Take You into HER Love, Beauty and Grace

Welcome, beautiful soul!

Thank you for finding your way here! I know it means you are open to helping me share my new book with the world and that means everything to me. 

I've written Celebrate the Dance of the Goddess because it has the power to help every woman who reads it love herself as she is and find a deep connection to her soul. I believe when we do this, we honor the highest within us and are better able to support and nurture those around us.  

On January 18, I am hoping this message is shared well beyond the number of people I'm capable of reaching on my own. That's where you come in!


I'm asking for book launch partners who are willing to do some or all of the following:

  • Share about the book on your social media platforms

  • Send an email to your email-marketing list (if you have one, otherwise to those you think might find it valuable)

  • Consider purchasing your own copy - and maybe one for a friend!

  • Consider leaving a review on Amazon once you have received and read the book.

  • Celebrate with me as we help women everywhere to love, accept and find the best versions of themselves!

If you are willing to help, my team and I will provide everything you need to help, including:

  • Social media post language

  • Corresponding graphics to share

  • Promotional email content

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If you are ALL IN as a launch partner and excited to help me get Celebrate the Dance of the Goddess out into the world, I ask you to do take two simple actions right now…

1. Enter your details in the the following boxes.

2. Check your email for a note from me. If you find it in your SPAM filter, please tell your email system I am not junk and add my email address to your contacts. 

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you!

From the bottom of my heart, please know that I appreciate you helping me share Celebrate the Dance of the Goddess with the world!

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