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5 things that will happen to your brain when you dance

1. Studies show that dancing lowered the risk of dementia by improving cognitive reserves and increase complexity of neuronal synapses

2. It makes you more intelligent. The essence of intelligence is making quick and accurate decisions. Dancing demands speedy decision making and requires instant responses to questions.

3. It will improve your muscle memory. Dancers can achieve complex moves by visualizing movements and hence can help improve muscle memory

4. It will slow down aging and boost memory. Dancing can train up your brain and offer your brain muscles and offers an alternative path that you can use to access stored information and memories. Dancing increases neural connectivity and can be of great benefit to your brain as it ages.

5. It will help prevent dizziness. Dancing will help improve the function of your cerebellum which in turn may help you improve your balance and make you less dizzy.

So, dance and dance often!!

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