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Dancing Outside the Lines!! Arielle Giordano

Dancing outside the lines is moving beyond your normal way of being and boundaries. Are you learning to do a new dance step in your life? Stepping into the zone of the unknown triggers emotional states, moods, thoughts, feelings and a way of being that is uncomfortable. This response means that you are moving out of your comfort zone! Find comfort in your discomfort! Turning your life upside down can appear in many ways such as a new job, relationship, career, marriage, divorce, location or house. Respond by being open. In other words, when you move into a new place whether it be a physical place or an inner new space a response happens. The only way to be in it is okay.

What do we know to move forward in and are holding back? The reasons do not matter and neither does what you tell yourself about why you are refusing to move forward. Be aware of the knowing that speaks so softly, and open and soften your heart to be able to listen to it. As children we played in our innocence and did not question anything or judge anyone else. We were carefree and did not care what other people thought of us or how we looked to others! We enjoyed every moment and had fun. Being childlike, we did not hold back our thoughts, feelings and actions. We always told the truth no matter what! Unless of course, we stepped out of the box of rules!

Life experiences and our stories can shift us back into a shell like a tiny turtle to afraid to move and dance and be who we really are. We get to choose to either open and soften our hearts and be okay with everything of not. We can shift in our patterns and normal ways of doing and being. We can set ourselves free and let go of old stories, patterns and beliefs. We can let life have us in a way that lets us flow as grow.

Set yourself free to swing outside your own box. What have you put in the “Someday” calendar? Can you transform your “Someday” into Sunday? Dancing outside the lines is offers you an opportunity to step into a new you! This may feel scary but know that these are only feelings. Be flexible like a newborn baby exploring their world

As children we were taught to always paint blue skies, grass green and trees with leaves. Were you told to always stay inside the lines when you were coloring? Life is overflowing with possibilities to conform to unimportant rules. Dancing, coloring and painting inside the lines stifle our creativity and may even stop our progress toward achieving our full potential. Set yourself free to reach new possibilities, career, relationship, artistic endeavor, allow you to dance from the inside out! Explore and engage in creativity and new ways of doing things, let yourself dance and paint outside the lines.

Are you ready to let go of being boxed in and take a chance? Dance yourself free and embrace your creativity! Set the stage and step into what is next and new for you! Let whatever is inside, dance outside the lines! Go dancing, be in a play, color, paint, bake, take music lessons, and enjoy creative play! Enjoy dancing beyond your dreams!

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