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Life Lessons from Dance!

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy each step along the way." Wayne Dyer

Dance takes you out of mind and into your body!

Listening- Dancing takes you into the listening of the music. You listen to the beat of the music and dance to it. You can also listen to your inner and outer rhythm and move to it. You listen to your inner voice, and to what people are telling you which is an important part of everyday life. Dance is centered in listening to the music and as you move and dance with it and to the beat. Listen to the quiet voice within- the subtle voice that speaks to you when you are not listening! Relax and gently and quietly listen to the quiet voice. Dance in the listening of your deepest heart. Listen to the guidance -and dance with the word “dance” in it!

BalanceDancers need good balance to move and perform their dance steps! Good balance is good in yourself, life and to be in harmony with the real you! Balance in dance in the physical sense is having good posture. I teach students proper posture to have good balance. Stand with feet hips distance apart and lift up from your hips. Shoulders are slightly pressed back and down and hips slightly forward. Stand on right leg and lift the other leg and reverse and lift the other leg. This exercise tests your balance. If you wobble -reposition your body in correct posture and do it again. Be sure to have a chair close by to hold onto just in case! Balance can also apply in your life such as work and play. Balance has a variety of meanings such as family time, doing what you love to do, being creative, doing sports, or a physical activity, dancing and alone and quiet time!

Rhythm: Dancers dance to the rhythm of the music. Dance is rhythm, and the rhythm is dance. Dance is like the primal rhythm of our heartbeat. Dance teaches you to move gracefully in your life and dance to your own rhythm. Rhythm is in the body and a source of healing to move with your own rhythm- movement is good medicine it is calming, relaxing, and centering on body mind and spirit.

Grounding– The rhythm of dance is deeply grounding. Being in your feet and connecting to the mother earth is grounding in body, mind, and spirit. Dance helps you to be grounded in the truth of what you know – Stand in the ground on both feet being of who you really are. Walk barefoot on the mother earth!

Flow Dance flows gracefully from one step to the next. If you miss a step, make it part of the dance! Flow in your feet from the ground up into your body and into your heart and the highest within you! You know when you are in your flow and out of it. Be aware of the truth flowing in you. Stay in tune and flow with it!

Freedom – Dance can set you free!!Let go be in your body and enjoy and have fun! Dancing teaches you how to dance in your life!

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