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Would you like to look and feel younger?

Are you wondering how you can look and feel younger for real? I am going to tell you how with Essentrics stretching. There are two kinds of basic stretching concentric and eccentric. Concentric are movements towards the heart and eccentric movement move away from the heart. Concentric movements shorten and bulk the muscle. Eccentric movement strengthen the muscle by lengthening it.

The program I teach and am certified in is called Essentrics. It is a style based on the lengthening and strengthening the muscles in a eccentric movement. This program is based on the philosophy that almost all physical pain is caused by unbalanced muscles. Essentrics is a comprehensive program that stretches and strengthens 650 muscles by lengthening them. This makes muscles leaner longer and stronger.

Muscles can atrophy in 24 hours. Stretching the Essentric way can reactivate atrophied muscles which is literally aging you younger!

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