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New Location November 16
Live! Intro to Bellydance Workshop!
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Dancer, Author, Certified Essentrics™ Instructor, Lifestyle Coach
Celebrate. love and
unleash the power of you!

Intro to Belly Dancing Workshop

Tuesday, November 16th - 6pm - 7:15pm
DW Dance Studio
2221 Hercules Avenue
Clearwater, FL  33763 

“The greatest gift that I know is to follow what I know with courage, confidence
and trust.”

Arielle is a life coach that can help people just like you to heal and move forward with a personalized coaching program, movement and dance and her book- Dancing with your story from the inside out. 

Her new book Celebrate the Dance of the Goddess is coming soon!!!

Arielle  has 2 Masters degrees and more than 20 years of  counseling practice in professional  counseling, philosophy, expressive arts, dance and movement.  She is the  founder and facilitator of Goddess Gatherings of Tampa Bay.

She dances through life as an international and inspirational author, professional dancer, instructor, choreographer and inspires her audience.

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In addition to my LIVE classes, you can enjoy my Belly Dance Video Series. Learn the moves you need to stay active and feel beautiful!
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Sign up for classes $15 per class 4 classes $50!!

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DANSERGY is a synergy of flowing movements for body, mind and spirit! Dansergy is dancing without limits!  Dance helps the brain and body function better and stay healthy,   grow, transform and look and feel younger!

D- Deep into the soul

A- Authentic

N- Nurture you with movement

S- Synergy of body and mind

E- Energy

R-Rejuvenate and Regenerate

G- Grow

Y- Youthfulness





Yesterday I went swimming and I thought I had a good total workout and today I did Essentrics Stretch Class which stretches more muscles.  I bike ride, go to the gym, and do yoga but your Essentrics Class is the MOST Comprehensive workout!



Thank goodness you provide Essentrics classes to all who are wiling to be responsible for the well being on their bodies.  I enjoyed the burst of energy after the class and had plenty of energy to accomplish my goals!!


I never tell you but I really appreciate all that you do for me!!!  You have a nice heart and  I am glad that I met you! Thanks to you and my work on myself I am better. Thank you for your coaching!



I attend your Tuesday 10am Zoom Class and I have already noticed a substantial increase in my range of motion in several areas of my body.

I have decided to stay with this program for the foreseeable future.


Thank you, Arielle, for all that you do and the manner that you do It!!!!!

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Lifestyle Coaching

Arielle is a Life Coach and Certified Essentrics Instructor. If you would like a one-to-one consultation or dance session click below.

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We over a variety of classes! 

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