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Arielle Giordano

Arielle is a certified Essentrics Instructor. Essentrics is an amazing scientifically proven stretching program that offers lengthening and strengthening 650 muscles to look and feel younger in 30 minutes a day!

Arielle’s new book: Dancing with your story from the inside out is available on Arielle’s passions include dance, psychology, philosophy, writing and the creative arts.

She dances through life as an international and inspirational author, professional dancer, instructor and choreographer, teacher, painter, and facilitator and inspires her audience.

Dancer, Author, Certified Essentrics™ Instructor, Lifestyle Coach

“The greatest gift that I know is to follow what I know with courage, confidence
and trust.”

"Following one’s passion means being fearless, having faith and creative intelligence, an awesome combination for living life to the fullest!  Passion comes from a zest and vigor for loving oneself and a willingness to pay the price! "
-Arielle Giordano

The Benefits of Dance...

Recent research advances have emphasized the importance of including the body in treatment of any type of trauma.  According to dance movement therapist, Claire Moore, “the sensations and actions that have become stuck in and after traumatic events need to be integrated and processed in the treatment process, so that the person can regain a sense of familiarity and efficacy in the body. Dancing can help the brain and body connection and assist you in relaxing, enjoying and looking and feeling better in body and mind and spirit!         

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Lifestyle Coaching

Arielle is a Life Coach and Certified Essentrics Instructor. If you would like a one-to-one consultation or dance session click below.

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We over a variety of classes! 

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