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Belly Dancing Improves Everything!

Belly dance is a hip choice to get into shimmy shape dance and have lots of fun! Belly dancing compliments a women’s’ body and in this introductory course you will learn some of the basic movements of belly dancing to create your own belly dance.  Each video teaches a belly dance specific movement.

Benefits:  Belly Dancing engages the entire body in exercise and movement core strengthening abdomen and spine mental clarity, good posture & balance, enhances self-esteem, body awareness, reduces stress, joint and back pain is energizing and stimulates your brain and enhances the expressions of you and is lots of fun!

Enjoy my new series of Intro Belly Dancing Videos for only $35! Simply choose Subscribe below, and sign up to receive 6 Introductory Videos.  More videos to come at the end of this summer and those who subscribe through June and July, will receive a discount on the new videos.