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Dancing with Your Story

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

“Stories echo our past. Stories from the past can create our future.”

Do you enjoy listening to people talk about their issues or problems?

Are you tired of listening to them? If you answered yes, then, you are probably tired of listening to them and their stories.

It is easy to see other people’s stories than our own. The first step in seeing your story is a willingness and honesty to take a good look at yourself.

You may realize that you share your story too and are stuck in your story.

A life event such as a divorce or you lose a job.

You react negatively, perceive, and interpret it in your own way. For example, you may make a judgement about the other gender and think of them in a disheartening way.

That is your story with thoughts and feelings about the life event. When you talk about this event to your family and friends you share your story, its interpretation, meaning and your beliefs.

Being stuck in your story means that you identify with your story as part of your identity or hide behind it.

Being stuck in your story prevents you from letting it go and moving forward.

Framing a life event as a story means that you can change it! Freedom happens when you discern the experience from the story you created about it.

You are free and can let it go!

Reflection: I get to powerfully choose to let go, release my story, and move forward in my life. List 3 ways that you can powerfully let go of your story about an event that happened to you!

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