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4 Ways Dance Can Change Your Mood!

1. Healing- Get everything moving on a a cellular level. Body cells move when we move as everything shifts and changes. Every cell begins to dance as we dance!! Healing happens as endorphins, natures own happy high drug that we all have within ourselves. Music is healing to body mind, soul and spirit. When I listen to music it touches me deeply in different ways. Ethnic music touches my soul in ways that make me want to move my body and dance. I am inspired to move and dance to ethnic music.

2. Balance- Movement gets our right and left hemispheres of our brain moving for more mental clarity! Do you ever notice how you feel after you dance? Do you feel more focused and alive and balanced within yourself? Listening to the music is soothing for the soul and relaxes the body. As we sink into our bodies and allow ourselves to be touched in new ways, we can shift ourselves into alignment

3. Clarity-

Dance invites a shift within of being in your body. Listening to music is a step away from our patterns, habits, thoughts and feelings. Moving and dancing while listening enhances the power of music to touch us deeply on many levels within ourselves. We can feel the music as we move to it and let us rejuvenate our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. In being in our bodies and being relaxed in this state, we move out of a space and into something new within. This opportunity provides us to see things differently. Through this process we step out of the familiar and into something new. Dance allows us to become more clear and focused!

4. Emotional Release

Moving and having fun can have a huge impact on the relief of excess stress. Dance is being in your body. Being in your body allows a moment of freedom of mind. Stepping out of normal life and into something new. Dance gives the mind a rest!

When I dance and stop consciously thinking of my life emotions come up within me that I was not even thinking or feelings about a life circumstance and as I relax into the dance I can feel emotions release in my body as I dance and move! I feel a sense of release and freedom!!

Each time I teach a class, perform or just dance for fun, I feel better and more balanced and clear. I can sit down for longer amounts of time and do tedious “mental work”. I can focus better, do chores and errands with greater flow and ease. My overall attitude and well being are enhanced as a result of this experience.

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