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5 Ways to De-stress!

Are you feeling more tired, less energy, and irritable?

You may be overwhelmed and overstressed. Here are some simple solutions to move you from a "doing" to "being". If you find yourself doing and going nonstop it is time to take a deep breath and be still. You may say how do I do that? For example, step outside, look at the beauty that surrounds you and take a deep breath.

It is easy and simple!

Here are 5 simple way for you to step out of you stress and into you!

  1. Relax and just "Be". Sit in a chair and "Rest and Be in your body" and Rest in your Heart.

  2. Be in Nature- natures resonates with who you really are

  3. Enjoy doing everything you and do everything you enjoy and have fun!

  4. Be with your favorite people- human connectedness is necessary for well being.

  5. Exercise Move, Dance- exercising is not only good for you being physical and moving your body is good for you in body mind and spirit!

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