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Be inspired to MOVE!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Get moving it’s your best medicine! The best cure to any disease is to never get it!

Did you know that the best medicine is daily exercise?

Physical activity not only lowers risk for diseases it improves your ability to do all you do! You may not be a model for Sports Illustrated but you do want to do your daily activities such as fun family adventures, enjoy vacations, hiking mountains, swimming, theme parks, & back to basics house chores getting up and down and gardening!

Physical activity from you daily chores is different than the overall exercise you need to do!

Here are 5 reasons you need to move more you will:

· Get stronger build and keep muscles to sustain the activity of everyday life

· Strengthen muscles, keep mitochondria healthy to age younger look and feel better have increased flexibility stamina and energy!

· Enjoy activities such as cardiovascular activities, dancing, sports, biking, swimming, fast walking

· Stretching by lengthening and strengthening muscles prepares the body for physical activity, help prevent injury, & relaxes the muscles after intense exercise.

· Spend recreation time with family and friends outside or precious time alone in nature.

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