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Dance Heals, Makes You Smarter and Changes Your Mood!

5 Ways to Embrace the Power of Dance!

1. Healing- Dance gets everything moving on a cellular level. Body cells shift and change when moving as every cell begins to dance when we dance! Healing happens as endorphins, nature’s own happy drug, release in the body.

Dance makes you smarter! According to a study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, dance is the #1 activity to prevent brain diseases and aging of the brain. Neuroscientists have discovered that dancing is an extremely fun form of exercise, which can slow down the brain's aging process.

2. Balance- Movement gets our right and left hemispheres of our brain aligned for mental clarity! Do you ever notice how you feel after you dance? Do you feel more centered, alive, and balanced? Listening to the music is soothing for the soul and relaxes the body. As you sink into your bodies and allow yourself to be touched in new ways. allowing you to shift into alignment and in new ways.

3. Clarity- Dance invites a new focus for clarity to open. Moving and having fun can have a significant impact on the relief of excess stress which can let us know and see in new ways. Dance allows us the freedom of clearly concentrating on challenging tasks. We can feel the music as we move to it and let us rejuvenate our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. In being in our bodies and being relaxed in this state, we move out of a space and into something new within. This opportunity provides us to see things differently. Through this process we step out of the familiar and into something new. Dance allows us to become clearer and more focused. Take a deep breath and let go of your issues and everyday affairs and DANCE!

4. Music, Mood and Healing- Music can enhance the mood and balance what needs to be healed and balanced. Research has shown the benefits from studies such as the Mozart Affect and how listening to classical music can alter and heal the psyche, helps plants to grow better, help babies to become more intelligent and help cows give more milk. Baroque music being played in a chiropractor’s office aligned a patient’s spine without treatment! Ethnic music touches my soul in ways that make me want to move more. Listening to music is a step away from our patterns, habits, thoughts, and feelings. Moving and dancing and listening to music enhances the power of music to touch us deeply on many levels.

5. The Power of Dance gives you the beauty of expression in the harmony in body, mind, and soul! When I teach a class, perform, or just dance for fun, I receive the benefits, feel better, more balanced and aligned in body, mind, and soul. I can sit down for longer amounts of time, focus, concentrate and do tedious “mental work.” I can do chores and errands with greater flow and ease. well-being is enhanced and my body is energized from DANCE!

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