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Dancing in the storm!

Storms happen and as we watch a tree it remains still. It does not waiver in what it is being – a tree. The wind and rain whirl and twirl around the tree and it may lose its branches and limbs. The storm shows the tree it weaknesses. The energy of the tree goes down into its roots. The tree goes right into where everything is weak. In time, the roots of the tree become storm resistant. The tree evolves and becomes something new. Life brings opportunities and challenges and difficulties. These difficulties pressure on us. The pressure helps us to go deeper. This pressure can be used in a real and unreal way. The unreal way is when we react, defend, get angry, the real way is when our hearts remain open and we follow what we know the deepest truth of. When we follow what we know the truth of in our hearts, we see differently. Seeing differently offers us a different perspective. It is like have a new lens to see through. New seeing brings new thinking. you are not only seeing differently but you are also thinking differently. This is a much higher level of thought. Remain in your new thinking at any personal cost. As you stay in your new seeing and thinking you will open more and grow like a beautiful tree! # #wellness #personal growth # wellbeing

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