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Fall Out of Fear!

Fall is a wonderful season. The weather is cooler and fall colors are a nature- painted landscape. It is a time of change. A change of season from summer to fall invites a time for us to change. A gentle natural reminder in the transition from summer to fall. Being in nature encourages our deeper connection into a deeper beingness. Nature tells us who we really are. Our connection to nature is on deeper level. We can relax and just be in our bodies as we walk in nature.

Enjoy watching the leaves turn colors and gracefully fall from the trees. Let each colorful leaf remind you that it is now time to let go of fear you have been holding on to for a long time! You can be okay with the fear and as it walks with you, but not so tight that it stops you from being who you are and living life.

When we are busy in our lives or at work we connect on a personal level. On that personal level we may have fears and worries about a variety of facets in life such as our self, relationships, career, finances and health and wealth. These issues can impact us and stop us in a negative way. These issues can cause stress, tension, and fear. Know that fear is not real. There is only love. Resonate with what you are knowing rather than what you are feeling! For the only power fear has is the one we give it! Whatever we feed and give energy to, grows. You can release stress and let fear go by going into and resting in your heart. Relax your body and rest in your heart. Being in your heart is not the same as being in your body or yourself. You can do this anywhere any time and all the time.

The only way out is through. You can release and easily step through you fear! You can go inside into your deepest knowing and know that everything is okay exactly the way it is. You know that your fear is not serving you and then you can gently let it go!

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