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Here's what people are saying about Stretch Move and Tone based on the Essentrics Program!!

What a pleasant surprise when my physician told me my labs were perfect and I did not have to return for a year. To me this was proof that Essentrics/Classical Stretch is well worth the effort. Choosing it as a lifestyle choice for myself for 3 plus years, I now appreciate Arielle even more, since she has underscored the benefits each time she teaches. Recently an unlikely professional noted that I seemed toned, which I acknowledged and smiled. Frankly, I would rather spend my money doing Essentrics any day, than give it to the doctor. My confidence has increased, because I never gave up. Trust me, it does work, if you are consistent. I need this class and need to remember it! Alice

Yesterday I went swimming and I thought I had a good total workout and today I did Essentrics Stretch Class stretches more muscles. I bike ride, go to the gym, and do yoga but this is the MOST Comprehensive workout! Maxine

Thank goodness you provide Essentrics classes to all who are willing to be responsible for the well-being on their bodies. I enjoyed the burst of energy after the class and had plenty to accomplish my goals!! Alice

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