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Is Aging a Choice?

Is Aging a Choice

Every day no matter what our current health status, we have a clear choice: we can grow older or we can grow younger.

You absolutely have a choice in the age of your bones, muscles, internal organs and your skin. You decide if you want to spend your days feeling vital, energetic, and healthy and joyfully use your body to exercise, dance travel and play in your life. Or, you can be confined to joint and back pain, limited mobility, and a lack of physical strength that keeps you sitting and watching others do what you wish you could do again.

Do you know what keeps you young? It is not your heart, lungs, brain- IT IS YOUR MUSCLES!!! Why?

Your muscles contain the most mitochondria. Believe it or not, the sharpest and most powerful tool for retaining a radiant ageless and beautiful youthfulness is not your heart or your brain, or your lungs- it is your muscles! When you stretch, strengthen and lengthen your muscles you can reverse atrophied muscles, improve your circulation, memory, prevent injury, heal injury, lower your blood sugar, avoid joint replacements, the benefits are endless.

The good news is your body wants to move! According to new research, for every minute of exercise, you lengthen your lifer by 7 minutes for just exercising 150 minutes a week! You can also maintain a healthy and toned physique while having fun!

Stretching and Strengthening your muscles with the Essentrics program moves and lengthens 650 muscles! Are you ready to stretch move and tone to keep your muscles young and healthy?

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