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Keep your Muscles Alive with Dance Move and Stretch!!

 Why is stretching so important when it is cold outside?

Although you may live in a warmer climate the weather can get cold! Stretching is important with the change of a colder climate because it increases flexibility and range of motion, decreasing your risk of injury.

So, if you like to dance, stretch, take movement classes, walk, or ride your bike it is important to warm up your muscles before going outside and exercising. Stretching the muscles is even more essential on chilly days because your muscles contract to conserve heat, making them tighter and more prone to injury. 

There are two distinct types of stretching eccentric and concentric.  The word eccentric means strengthening by lengthening the muscles.  When you go to the gym most workout machines move your body towards your heart. Those movements are concentric stretching meaning they shorten the muscles.  When you move your body away from your heart it is an eccentric movement which lengthens and stretches the muscle/s.

The program that I am certified is Essentrics™. This program stretches and strengthens 650 muscles and is an excellent whole-body workout. This class is offered at the Dunedin Recreation Center on Monday at 9am, cost varies based on membership.

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