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Reclaim your force of your inner Aphrodite with Belly Dancing!

In her book, Goddesses Never Age, Dr Northup talks about the psoas muscles having a close relationship with the emotional centers in the primitive limbic brain. These centers include emotional stress such as fear and anger that can affect health and flexibility of the psoas. These muscles are near the first chakra, the seat of the kundalini life force- the female energy located at the base of the spine connecting the body’s energy to that of the earth. The goddess kundalini energy is often depicted as a coiled serpent that holds that holds the potential to rise bringing energy into the rest of the body. The first chakra is associated with survival instincts and the second chakra is connected to sexuality, power, and creativity. Moving your hips, relaxing your psoas muscles, and letting go of your fear or shame can be sexual, sensual and creative. You become an expressive goddess which is vital to your health.

Belly dancing is one of the best ways to move the first and second chakra energy and discover that you were born to move sensually. Belly Dancing was originally taught by grandmothers to granddaughters to help give birth- NOT to seduce men!

Register now for the Belly Dancing workshop on April 20th 7-8:15p $25

DW Dance Studio 2221 Hercules Ave Clearwater, FL 33763

Register on my website.

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