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Updated: May 26, 2023

As a child did, you play hide and seek? In the game hide and seek players conceal themselves in a place to be found by the seekers. The one player tagged as “it” closes their eyes and counts to ten while the other players hide. The designated “it” runs and looks everywhere, seeking the other players. In the hide and seek game in life, you are it. You are the one you have been hiding from and looking for your whole life! The “it” is deeper than the self “you” that you are used to.

The “it” is the deeper level and the “real you”.

Letting your heart be open and soft, means not having any insulation or protection. You are vulnerable being present without any kind of story, separation of heart or dislike. You are present in pressure and difficulty without converting that to pain. When difficulty is converted into personal pain in life, you become hidden in yourself. When you become hidden in yourself, you create a story that blocks you from what is deeper within.

Stories are personal guards that keep your personal existence confined to the surface. When you live in your stories, you protect yourself from the truth of who you really are. Your identity becomes your story. You engage in life through the lens of personal stories of like, dislike and pain. If you are not being insulated in yourself by forms, structures and polarization with like and dislike, then you are meeting life from what is real and deeper within all the way through the surface.

And, now in that, you are open to connect with others.

Rewriting your love story in your heart and begins with loving you! Being in your heart is the door to you being the real you. You are now being present in your heart and intimate with a deeper you. This means that you are vulnerable and open and soft in your heart to everything present in your life. Let go of drawing past conclusions about relationships. Enjoy and engage moving in vulnerability rather than the safety net of stories. Stories are about yourself and stories about past relationships. Let your heart open to connect on deeper levels, making you accessible to another.

Human beings are innately designed to be social and with people. Your physical and emotional health is related to your social ability and the quality of your relationships. Love your connections to family and friends. Bonding with others contributes to a healthy you!

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