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Stop hiding behind your stories and let the world see the real you!

For the world to really see you means living your life without any protection. Living without protection means letting yourself be vulnerable. You may say I am not protecting myself. Listen and be conscious of your self-talk and conversations with people. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors come up and they are unconscious and from the subconscious mind. Human beings communicate in the world of stories. Most people enjoy talking about themselves. And when people talk about themselves and their life they are talking about their experiences and stories. Yes, it is true a life event happened and sharing the event through their eyes. And, it becomes their story interpreting the event through personal perceptions, filters &, beliefs. The first step is to be consciously aware that you are being and living your story!

Stories keep you safe. They give reasons for being a certain way and doing things.

They separate you from the truth of who you really are. Stories block you and cover up your vulnerability and transparency. Stories keep you limited to the outward existence and provide personal safeguards. Stop hiding and start being what you really are. Be honest. You can't change what you do not acknowledge! Shift into the new and be the real you!

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