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What are you ready to let go of in your life?

The tree knows it is part of the regenerative cycle of life and death.

The fall is a beautiful time of year with all the beautiful colors. It is time to let go so that something can begin anew. Surrender to letting go and different way of being. Transformation is a regenerative cycle of life. It means leaving behind the old and familiar to be open to the new. The old dies so newness can be born. One must first experience death to live and be fully alive. This is the dance of life and death. The leaves of the trees die and gracefully fall to the ground. There is no resistance hesitation or remorse about it.

The butterfly represents the regenerative cycle of life. It is the symbol for transformation, change, letting go and new beginnings. Transformation has developmental stages beginning with the creative process of egg, larva, cocoon, and birth. Each stage dies for the next one to be born. You experience these changes throughout your life. This is the creative life cycle. Creativity begins with nothing and open space and then can take the form of the conception of a child or a new idea, new business, a painting, sculpture or dance. The egg is the seed, the beginning of the creative process. The larva stage is the decision to bringing a child or an idea into being. The cocoon stage is the nurturing part of this process. The gestation period, the final stage, is the actual birth of the child or the new creation and sharing it with the world. Are you ready to flow and fall like a leaf off a tree?

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