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Why is "Change" such a "Bad" word?

Do you know you want or need to make a change and find you experiencing challenges and difficulties? According to the Miriam Dictionary, a challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination. When we make a change no matter how big or small something new arises. Why is there so much resistance to change? The change becomes the focus and its consequences and even the difficulty. Most people spend energy on trying to fix the problem and find a solution. Change is uncomfortable because you move in a new way and in a new space.

I encourage people to make changes towards a healthy lifestyle such as exercising, stretching dancing and eating nutritionally. Most people are excited in the beginning to make the change and move forward in a healthy way and then they stop! Stop coming to classes and stop being motivates. WHY?

How can you move through the "stop" overcome and move through it? The true answer is quietly and being okay with what the change and what you know in it. Stay in what you know and be in your deepest knowing in your heart. What do you know is healthiest for you to do?

Whatever you are being within yourself, you will give form to. You will give form to everything that you are presently being. When you are in difficulty you become difficulty. When you are being angry you become anger. When you are being joyful, you are being joyful. When something bigger happens to you, there will be much more pulling within you. You can use such a pull to distract yourself or to let it help you realize more deeply. Change can happen on all levels you can change your behavior and you can make an internal change within you. You have the ability to be all your awareness at once.

Everything that happens in your life is meant to help you it is not meant to distract you- even the changes. It all reverts to you- it all depends on you and how you are doing. It will not help you unless you are being clear. The clearer you are being the more everything helps. You get to choose the direction-it is all up to you.

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