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5 Ways that you will enjoy being “Be-You-T-Full”!

Celebrate the Natural Beauty Within Every Woman

Arielle Giordano

Behold the bond of love within you and create more love to share and give to family and friends.

Behold the bond of love within you and create more love to share and give to family and friends.

Today, women live a new and successful lifestyle. Women are CEO’s, effective top executives, business entrepreneurs, writers, dancers, painters, and artists just to name a few. Although, the world has changed and is different, the true essence of a woman remains the same. Her world has shifted on the outside, but her true essence of loveliness and beauty remains the same.

1. Real womaness is openness and softness of heart, the beingness of love. She nourishes the world around her in many ways in partnership, relationships, career, motherhood, and her life and responsibility. A woman gives love and nurtures others in being her real womaness, her feminine essence.

2. Difficulties and challenges in life arise, feelings get hurt, disagreements happen, and the heart closes. When life does not happen a certain way, we may want to close our hearts. These difficulties impact personal and professional relationships, family, friends, cohorts & work When someone hurts us and our heart closes, we hold onto the hurt. It feels like the pain of an arrow stuck in our hearts. When we let our hearts stay open in the hurt and be okay with the pain in difficulty the arrow moves thru, and we let it go. We are okay that it happened. And now is the best time for a woman to love Her, nurture, expression and to take care of Her, the Divine Feminine that dwells within her heart. When the world around you is caving in, know that it is time for some “me” time. When I experience this, I know it is time for me to do self- love, nurture, and care.

3. Balance is life is important, when we are overwhelmed with life, it is time to balance and reset by relaxing our bodies and resting our hearts.

Intimacy of being means really being with all of you. Being in your body, relaxing your body with deep belly breaths. Resting your heart let yourself be. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, physical sensations may arise, be okay. Let yourself be. Intimate time with yourself can be listening to music, talking a nature walk or a bath. Being you in the moment. You are being who you are in whatever form that moves you!

4. Beauty is from the inside out! Nurture and love the natural beauty that is unique to you. The awareness of one’s natural beauty is the first step. With acknowledgement comes acceptance. A woman needs to accept herself exactly the way she is in body, mind, soul, and spirit, accepting and acknowledging her lovely attributes. Admire all the wonderful qualities you possess within and without you.

5. You are unique! Celebrate your inner and outer beauty and the expression of love on your face. Celebrate your body your curves and lines. Enjoy your natural beautiful qualities and ways of being a woman. Each woman has her own natural beauty. Enjoy discovering the beauty in every woman!

There is no one like you in the world!

Dance in your beauty, loveliness, grace, and charm as you touch and inspire other

to dance in their beauty!

Embrace the loveliness and beauty of being a woman!

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