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Are you ready to commit to your goals in 2024??

What motivates a person to commit and stay focused on their goals?

What motivates a person to come every week to class and not give up? The answer is: they realize the benefits of the results, the experience of dance and movement in their bodies.  Their bodies communicated good feelings all over. They experienced more energy, emotional releases and mood changes; flexibility, strength, and mobility! They received the greatest gifts from movement. And that is their motivation to keep them coming week after week.  Even when they don’t feel good and don not feel like moving!   In the world we live in today there is instant gratification. Being responsible to being for your own wellness takes time, money, commitment and patience!

These top three qualities I call the three “C”s in each and every goal.  The three "C's" are: commitment, consistency, control. In order to achieve any or all of the three “C’”s requires discipline.  You not only have to have it but you also have to be disciplined. Discipline means to commit to a goal and stick to it no matter what comes up. Discipline is a quality that is deficient in our society but so important to our survival!

Commitment: You make a goal to yourself and you stick to it.  You do not change your story with excuses and reasons that satisfy you in the moment.  Stay strong. 


NO matter what you show up you!  If you set your goal for once a week you show up once a week. You remain in integrity with you and your goals.


You get to choose.  You have control over your choices.  You choose powerfully to commit to being committed and consistent to your health & wellness goals.


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