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Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Sides

Life is in constant motion. Everything dances and moves in the universe. Constant change is one certainty you can count on. You may be inspired to focus more attention on your feminine side. So, the next week you can concentrate on the masculine. Each task you face requires a different tool; think of balancing energies from the same perspective.

What is your more feminine side? Openess and Softness,

Listening, Intuition, Creating Art, & Nurture. What is your more masculine side? This can include constructing a project, reading up on science, enhancing physical strength, relaxing after a job is completed and know that you have earned it!

With everything going on in the world now, take a moment to reflect on what has been going on with you. Are you in 'survival mode' that demands an overdose of masculine energy? If so, you know the female side needs some attention. Same holds true with a career that requires all day, every day nurturing, like being a teacher or counselor in an elementary school. If you have spent most of your time being nurturing, show that masculine side some one-on-one time.

The Universe has male and female expressions, and you are no different. Love dancing in balance and harmony!

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