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Do you know the benefits of good posture?

With every movement we make we correctly or incorrectly train our bodies!

Poor posture is a good example!

Most people sit at a computer all day and have created a sitting disease. Sitting and repeating poor posture everyday with shoulders rounded, the pectorals begin to shrink back. Muscles weaken and the  neck becomes overstretchedc from bending forward most of the day.

Some people feel that their poor posture because they have conditioned their bodies that way. And, it feels correct as they stand with poor posture.  The reason for this is their body have been trained and conditioned to be in poor posture so healthy good posture feels different and wrong. Sitting and standing in poor posture is not good for your organs or your health.

Correct posture feels wrong and uncomfortable it takes time to make the necessary healthy changes to correct this problem.

Align the spine to stay healthy keep the body healthy!

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