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Nutritarian Coaching!! Are you ready to change your way of eating?

"It is within our power to prevent the needless suffering of millions of people around the world by teaching them – and their doctors – about the disease-fighting benefits of nutritional excellence" Dr Fuhrman.

I am so excited to say that I am now a certified nutritarian coach. I teach people how to transition from the Standard American Diet and eat and enjoy plant- based foods.

One of the reasons for my excitement is that I finally know how to eat delicious foods without gaining weight. When I meet my husband, i invited him to read the book "Eat to Live". I was surprised and did not expect him to start cooking 5 bean soup right away. He was ready for change because his doctor told him he was a ticking time bomb. He knew he had to do something soon. He read the book lost 40 pounds and has been eating healthy ever since. HIs vitals are perfect with all his blood tests. We continue on even during holidays eating GBOMBS- Greens, Beans, Onions, mushrooms, Seeds and Nuts. And we both experience improved health, weight loss, and increased vitality.

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