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Creative expression has the potential to bring the darkness to light, the unconscious to consciousness and the unseen into sight. The process inspires you to move at all levels. All you have to do is get out of your own way, allow your inner natural rhythm to ebb and flow, and let creativity soar. Creative expression brings renewal and regeneration through dance, movement, music, visual arts, clay, baking, acting, writing, cooking, building, inventing, gardening and mindful living. Sing your song, dance your dance, paint your paintings and bake your pies. Creativity transforms pain into love, takes shape and form in your life and assists in the healing of traumatic events. Becoming more creative can renew your strength and help give you a stronger resolve to tackle difficult life experiences. It opens the way for unconscious messages, insights, and new awareness. Creative expression and art can guide you to release stress during the holiday season and calm the nervous system. Expressing yourself non-verbally can help you move away from your thoughts and feelings to find a new perspective and shift your attention into a space free of issues, worries and concerns. When your attention has shifted, your nervous system responds and, as a result, you have more access to the rest of your brain, emotions, thoughts and feelings. Let magic happen with love and joy during the holiday season. Open your heart and let creativity flow. Enjoy engaging in creative play and have fun with family and friends throughout the holiday season. Here are some creative ways to celebrate love and joy during the holiday season: • Make holiday gifts. People will appreciate the time you spent creating them. • Mix and match old traditions with something new, perhaps an online gathering. • Bake new holiday recipes. • Read holiday magazines and books full of crafty ideas for gifts. • Color and scribble with your non-dominant hand or with your eyes closed, What pictures, shapes and figures do you see in your scribble? Develop the image with other colors and materials. • Play games and build things with children, family and friends. • Create a holiday collage with magazines to shape your goals for the coming year. The holiday season is the perfect time to share love, joy, giving and receiving and connecting with family and friends. Take time to nurture you. Enjoy!

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