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3 Factors to Powerfully Slow Aging

I am studying to become a nutritarian coach. If you do not know what that means it is a way of eating that is plant-based measuring the nutritional content of certain foods. These foods include green, beans, seeds, nuts, onions mushrooms, fruits and vegetables!

To slow the aging process down it is recommended to eat a nutritarian diet rich in phytochemical with moderate caloric restriction and exercise. These three factors slow all the processes associated with biological aging. When your body fat is lower, and you do not overeat your metabolism slows a bit, and a slower metabolism is one of the components of aging more slowly. Most people try to raise their metabolism so they can eat more foods and not gain weight. the real secret to the fountain of youth is to moderately lower your metabolism so you can comfortably ear less ford and not get too thin. Eating less and staying slim lowers the body temperature respiratory quotient calories burned via breathing decreases and our thyroid sloe. as a result, the body does not need as many calories and does not become too thin with a moderately loser caloric restriction intake. A combination of these three metabolic modulations moderate lower thyroid production hormone respiratory and body temperature. slowing the aging process in all systems.

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