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5 Healthy Ways to Release Stress and Anxiety!!

Are you experiencing tension, anxiety, and stress now with the holiday season coming soon? Stress is a normal part of life. Stress warns you that you are encountering problematic situations and is designed to motivate you to act to reduce that stress and make your life better. Without stress, you would not feel any motivation to make your life better. You would take risks without regard for the consequences and make life decisions without critical thinking. In small amounts, stress is a good thing. But when that stress starts to become unreasonable that stress starts to cause you to feel sick, anxious, unhappy, or fatigued – then your levels of stress can become a serious problem.

Are you willing to let go of stress and anxiety?

Here are 5 healthy strategies to reduce Stress:

1. Move more stress less! Your body wants to move your life depends on it!

Dance, exercise and stretching movements are viable ways to release everyday anxiety and stress. Human beings have a natural impulse to dance and move! Physical activity and movement such as stretching and dance and exercise plays a key role in stress reduction, by burning away many of the stress hormones while releasing chemicals that improve your mood. Dance takes you out of your mind and into your body!

2. Be Okay and Open in your Heart!

Both anxiety and stress are often related to problems with life- coping. Life happens regardless of what we think and feel. Being okay that a stressful event is happening brings you to a place within to relax. Thoughts and feelings are only thoughts and feelings. Being okay takes you into your heart and deeper. Be open to finding the small door within the life situation and cause of your anxiety and be open for a new space.

3. Creativity

Throughout history, art tells the human story in cave paintings from the beginning of time. Creative expression and art can guide you to release stress during the holiday season. Art and creativity can calm the nervous system. Expressing yourself nonverbally can help you move away from your thoughts and feelings, see a visual expression and a new perspective. YOU can renew and regenerate with dance, movement, music, visual arts, clay, baking, acting, and writing, cooking, building, inventing, gardening and in your life. Sing your song, dance your dance, paint your paintings, and bake your cakes!!

4. Love quiet time and alone time – Find time to be alone and quiet with only YOU!

5. Enjoy Nature Being in nature is a wonderful way to connect with a deeper beingness.

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