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Change your story! Change your life!

Everyone has childhood stories about the holiday season!! Would you like to let go of your old stories and live seeing through a new lens? Life events become a story through our unique perception and interpretation. When we talk to friends and family, we are sharing ourselves and our lives in the world of story. Each story is different based upon culture, personal experiences, family history, patterns, beliefs and distinctive flavors. The more we tell our stories, the more we believe them and the more real they become. We hide also behind our stories. We can use our stories to keep us from being real and authentic. When we are in a story, we are not being real!

Life happens. Life comes at us no matter what in a variety of events happen, situations occur, issues arise, and patterns pursue. When we give meaning to a story, we give it energy and it becomes bigger. Each person adds personal meaning and believes their story. Giving a story meaning and believing it can impact us and our life. Beliefs are powerful and can shape our behavior, thoughts, feelings and who we become. Relating to a story makes it seem real even though the truth is we made it up. Integrating a story invites your life to become your story and your story to become your life!

Identifying with a story makes it seem relative and real. The facts are real but an interpretation about the facts is subject to error and disbelief. For example, a person grew up with abusive parents and then turned their experiences into a story. They may see themselves in their story and their story in themselves. They can be and feel trapped in their story. The good news is there is a way out of your story when you know that your story is not real and you are not your story! Know what is true in your heart. The truth is that you are not your stories which sets you free to be the real & authentic you!

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