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Pele The Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes!

Pele (pronounced peh-leh or pay-lay) is best known on the beautiful island of Hilo, Hawaii. The Hawaiians call this island the "Big Island". Pele is the goddess of passion, sensuality, and wildness. She represents the lower chakra energies the root and sacral. Pele is both feared and revered by the Hawaiian people. Pele represents pure feminine and primal mystery as she is both creator and destroyer. Her poetic name is Ka wahine ‘ai honus, or the woman who devours the land, and she shows us that fire can purify and make way for the new. Pele is has a passionate and sensual nature. She can inspire you to begin being and living a more authentic life. She burns the stories that do not help to serve your highest spiritual growth.

Pele can Help Heal Our Roots and Inspire Passion and Creativity!

The root chakra extends from the bottom of the tailbone through the legs and down through the soles of the feet. It is suggested that a balanced root chakra relates to how safe we feel in the world. A healthy root chakra is grounded and when challenges occur, you can meet it and move through it! An imbalance could result in someone wanting to run away from the problem, physically or mentally. Pele energy can help to heal the root chakra by either empowering you to stay firmly rooted in your truth or she might shed a metaphorical light upon the places that need healing.

She can also inspire passion and creativity.

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